Module 2 – Using participatory, community-based co-working learning resources and self-directed learning resources to build basic entrepreneurial skills

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Module Description

The aim of this module is to support adult educators and migrant support workers to develop their facilitation skills so that they are confident and competent to deliver community-based approaches in adult education, and engage migrant learners through participative and inclusive learning activities. The aim of the activities presented in this module is to provide front-line educators with access to a range of activities that they can use in their work with migrant learners, and which can be adapted to teaching basic entrepreneurial skills. These activities will include storytelling, role-play, debating, visualisation through vision boards, and other participatory activities such as World Café and group discussions to build problem-solving skills, by addressing challenges that are contextualised in real-world settings. As such, through this module, our aim is to support adult educators and migrant support workers, so that they feel comfortable facilitating non-formal, participatory activities to build the entrepreneurial competence of learners in their groups. Although facilitated online, the learning achieved throughout this module will be grounded in practical activities and demonstrations, which educators and support workers will be able to transfer to learners in their group.

Learning Outcomes covered include:

Upon completion of this unit, it is expected that the learner will:

  • Identify suitable participatory approaches that can be integrated into their teaching practice and group-work activities with migrant learners.
  • Apply practical activities that use storytelling, role-play and debating techniques to build entrepreneurial skills in migrant learners.
  • Develop a lesson plan to incorporate participatory approaches including a Word Café and groups discussions, while managing group dynamics.
  • Apply creative practices, including visualisation activities, to their teaching practice to engage learners from diverse backgrounds in inclusive education activities.
  • Synthesise the range of participatory education activities presented and develop a lesson plan for their teaching, cognisant of the merits and pitfalls of different participatory approaches.
  • Assess the skills they need to develop as an educator to apply a mixed-method approach to engaging migrant learners in building their basic entrepreneurial skills.

Module Content

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