About Us

Our Mission

The intention through the CREATION project is to explore the theoretical roots, pedagogical approaches, and practical training in, and for cultural entrepreneurship.

About Us

Welcome to the CREATION project! The CREATION project aims to allow for more opportunities for migrant women to broaden their opportunities, create better prospects for independent work and integration in their host communities.

How will we achieve this? By providing access to quality, relevant education materials and activities that will support them to explore careers and entrepreneurial opportunities in the cultural and creative industries sector. And also, by supporting educators to develop their skills in providing quality education programmes for diverse groups of learners.

CREATION is currently being delivered by 7 partner organisations from 6 European countries, namely: Portugal, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy and Ireland.

To learn more about the work of our project team, visit our project website: http://creationproject.eu/

Meet Our Lead Partners

IADE - Universidade Europeia


Hub Nicosia

Cyprus University of Technology


ECHN Association

Matera Hub