4 – Additional Learning Resources

The following additional reading resources are provided for this module to support you,
as an educator to help you to enhance your knowledge of facilitation styles, and how
these can be adapted to teach entrepreneurship through participatory practices in a
multicultural environment.

Article 1:
● University College London (2019) Evaluating your teaching Available from:
https://www.ucl.ac.uk/teaching-learning/publications/2019/aug/evaluating-yourteaching. [Accessed 6 January 2021]

This article discusses the importance of evaluating your teaching style in order to
assess the level of effectiveness that you, as an educator, provide to your learners.

Article 2:
● Kovalenko, K.E., Utyuzh, A.S., Iusupova, I.I., Plisova, A.B., Panchenko, N.B., &
Kuznetsova, N.V. (2019). Practice-oriented approach in teaching entrepreneurship.
Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, 22(5). [Available online:

This article discusses 4 different approaches when teaching economics and
entrepreneurship in educational schools and vocational educational institutions. The
article also examines entrepreneurial endeavours across the globe.

Article 3:
● Martin, B., Breunig, M., Wagstaff, M., and Goldenberg, M. (n.d) Facilitation Styles.
Available from: https://us.humankinetics.com/blogs/excerpt/facilitation-styles
[Accessed 6 January 2021].

This article examines perception filters that can limit individuals to succeed in their
lives. The educator can immerse themselves, through this article, in internal and
external, direct and indirect variables that help the educator to adjust their facilitation
styles in multicultural environments

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