4 – Self-reflection Questions

The following debriefing/self-reflection questions are provided for this module to
support educators to assess why it is important to use visualisation techniques
specifically related to goal setting, both for personal development and towards
entrepreneurship and planning.

  1. Based on the most recent goal that you have made, how likely are you to
    incorporate the principles of WOOP and SMART into ensuring that these goals will be
    attainable in the future?
  2. Critique the benefits of the WOOP and SMART visualisation techniques in goal
    setting amongst migrant learners.
  3. Assess the feasibility of goal setting for migrant learners through the process of
    visualisation techniques.
  4. Simplify the SMART model so that migrant learners can devise their own goalsetting visualisation techniques.
  5. What motive, if any, is there to ensuring that visualisation techniques are used in
    goal setting?

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