4 – Self-reflection Questions

The following debriefing/self-reflection questions are provided for this module to
support educators to assess why it is important to use visualisation techniques to build
the critical and creative thinking abilities of migrants to develop their entrepreneurial

  1. What are the challenges associated with groupthink and how can you mitigate
    against this occurring in your classroom?
  2. Becoming an entrepreneur requires grit and determination, perseverance,
    assertiveness and confidence. Why is it important to ensure that entrepreneurs use
    visualisation techniques in order to become more successful?
  3. Differentiate between the perceived and actual benefits of using visualisation
    techniques when working with a diverse group of learners who are interested in
    developing their entrepreneurial skills.
  4. What associations can be made between different visualisation techniques
    discussed in this module?
  5. Why is it crucial that migrant learners be presented with various types of
    visualisation techniques for their personal and professional lives?

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