3 – Self-assessment Questions

The following debriefing/self-reflection questions are provided for this module to
support you, as an educator, to assess why it is important to examine your own skill set
and identify any gaps that can be used in order to enhance your facilitation skills or

  1. Determine the practicality of using self-reflection as a feedback response in your
    facilitation practices, especially when working with a range of diverse learners
    interested in developing their entrepreneurial skills.
  2. Examine the willingness of migrant learners to provide feedback on your sessions
    to identify gaps in your personal skill set. Are there factors that may hinder their
    willingness to offer this feedback?
  3. Assess the limitations of the ‘Sage on the Stage’ and ‘Guide on the Side’
    methodologies for facilitation.
  4. Examine the importance of the facilitator using the correct facilitation style in
    order to develop and enhance the entrepreneurial talents of learners.
  5. Critique the need for collaboration, cooperation and communication within a
    facilitation session in order to promote entrepreneurial talents within a group of
    diverse migrant learners.

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