Session 9 – Facilitation Skills for Participatory Approaches

The aim of this session is to support the educator to recognise the skills that they need to effectively deliver the participative approaches presented in this module. This session will also support educators to evaluate their own facilitation style, and to make changes to their style to apply creative approaches to building basic skills in entrepreneurship among a diverse group of learners.

By completing this session, educators will assess the skills they need to develop as an educator to apply a mixed-method approach to engaging migrant learners in building their basic entrepreneurial skills.

  1. Watch this short video to be introduced to this topic.
  2. Review these PowerPoint slides that provide an overview of the changing role of the educator, from ‘sage on stage’ to a facilitator. The slides present some basic background knowledge and key terms that you will need to know to be able to competently apply these techniques to teach basic skills in entrepreneurship to diverse learners.
  3. Next, you can review and reflect on a series of self-assessment and evaluation questions so that you can evaluate your own skills and identify any gaps in your skill-set to enhance your facilitation skills or style to integrate these approaches and activities into your teaching practice.
  4. Review a total of 3 additional reading resources that will help you to enhance your knowledge of facilitation styles, and how these can be adapted to teach entrepreneurship, through participatory practices in a multicultural environment.