Session 7 – Introduction to Visualisation

The aim of this session is to introduce educators to the benefits of visualisation when building basic entrepreneurship skills among diverse learners. The session will also introduce educators to some different visualisation activities and different approaches to mind-mapping and brainstorming. The aim is to support educators to apply these activities in their practice.

By completing this session, educators will be able to apply creative practices, including visualisation activities, to their teaching practice to engage learners from diverse backgrounds in inclusive education activities.

  1. This lesson begins with PowerPoint slides that provide an overview of what visualisation is, and why it is important in developing creative and critical thinking skills, which are key skills for entrepreneurs. Through these PowerPoint slides, you will learn the benefits of using creative thinking activities with learners to develop their basic entrepreneurship skills.
  2. Next, you are invited to watch these YouTube videos that present the visualisation techniques of brainstorming and mind-mapping, including some different activities for both.
  3. Up next, you can review a set of activity sheets to introduce a brainstorming activity and a mind-mapping activity with groups of learners, including topics to be addressed through brainstorming and mind-mapping, and a list of materials required to introduce both activities in a group-work setting.
  4. Complete a series of self-reflection questions to assess how you can include these visualisation activities into your teaching practice for a multicultural group.