Session 6 – Introduction to Vision Boards

The aim of this session is to introduce educators to the technique of creating a Vision Board. The session will start with an overview of this technique, as well as a description of the benefits of using Vision Boards as a visualisation technique, especially when working with diverse groups of learners.

By completing this session, educators will be able to apply creative practices, including visualisation activities, to their teaching practice to engage learners from diverse backgrounds in inclusive education activities.

  1. To begin this session, review the following video to better understand what a Vision Board is.
  2. Next, browse through these PowerPoint which give an overview of the benefits of using a Vison Board activity, especially when working with migrant learners.
  3. Read this this short handbook that acts as a comprehensive guide to using a Vision Board activity with a group of learners, including guidance on what the focus of the Vision Board could be, and a list of the materials required to use a Vision Board activity in a group work setting.
  4. Complete a series of self-reflection questions to assess how you can integrate a Vision Board activity into your teaching practice for a multicultural group.