Session 5 – Introduction to Facilitation Skills and Styles for Group Discussion

The aim of this session is to introduce educators to the facilitation skills required to run a successful group discussion, including how to create an environment where everyone is heard, and everyone feels comfortable to share their views, especially in a multicultural environment. The session will also provide some guidance on how group discussions can be used to build basic entrepreneurship skills.

By completing this session, educators will outline how to incorporate participatory approaches including a group discussion and problem-solving challenges into their teaching practice.

  1. Begin this lesson by reviewing these PowerPoint slides which provide an overview of the facilitation skills needed to host a successful group discussion, including the steps involved in hosting a group discussion and tips for facilitating multicultural groups.
  2. Next, review this short handbook that introduces the steps involved in maintaining good group dynamics during a group discussion, and a guide to getting started with using group discussions to build basic entrepreneurial skills, including having different participants chairing the discussion.
  3. Review this template for a ‘group contract’ that outlines how the group will respect one another throughout the activity.
  4. Next, review the two additional learning resources that we have included to support you to further develop your skills.
  5. Complete a series of self-reflection questions to assess how you can run and moderate a successful group discussion in your group.