Session 1 – Introduction to Participatory Approaches


The aim of this first session is to introduce educators to what we mean by ‘participatory approaches’ to education. Here we will provide an overview of community-based education practices, what their benefits are, to both learners and educators, and why they are effective practices when working with diverse groups of learners.

By completing this session, educators will be able to identify suitable participatory approaches that can be integrated into their teaching practice and group-work activities with migrant learners.


  1. Watch this short video to be introduced to this topic.
  2. Review these PowerPoint slides to gain an overview of the different types of participatory approaches, the merit of these approaches and why they are effective when working with migrant learners.
  3. Read this case study of participatory approaches in action!
  4. Complete a series of self-reflection questions to assess how you will integrate these approaches into your teaching practice.