Welcome to the CREATION
E-learning Platform

Welcome to the CREATION online platform where we hope to inspire and support you to, whether you aim to develop your competences and skills in the field of cultural entrepreneurship; or if you are an educator seeking to support the next generation of cultural entrepreneurs. The intention through the CREATION project is to explore the theoretical roots, pedagogical approaches, and practical training in, and for cultural entrepreneurship!

Interactive Learning Activities

Through this platform, we aim to support adult and migrant learners to develop their basic skills and competences in the area of cultural entrepreneurship. These activities are designed to be delivered in small groups of learners working together in the classroom. With these practical activities, we aim to support you to explore your potential in the cultural entrepreneurship sector!

Online Training for Educators

And what do we have for the trainers? To support the delivery of the cultural entrepreneurship activities, CREATION provides access to 60-hours of online training that will support educators to deliver the cultural entrepreneurship toolkit. These online modules will prepare experienced educators to use participatory and artistic approaches, to support learners with diverse needs and to better understand the cultural and creative industries.

Win Your Badge!

On completion of any of the CREATION modules, learners and trainers will be awarded with a Badu Badge to recognise the learning that that have achieved. To be awarded with your badge, you will need to register for an account, so why wait? Register today and start your learning journey with CREATION! To find out more about Badu Badges, follow this link: https://www.badge-badu.eu/

Train the Trainer Programme for Adult Educators

Below you will find a total of 60 hours of learning content that has been specifically designed and developed with adult educators in mind, to support them to facilitate learning in the field of culture and arts entrepreneurship.


Module 1 – The cultural and creative industries as a viable economic force – types and characteristics of cultural enterprises

The aim of this module is to support adult educators and migrant support workers to explore the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) and Economy with a focus on some key characteristics of Creative Entrepreneurship.

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Module 2 – Using participatory, community-based co-working learning resources and self-directed learning resources to build basic entrepreneurial skills

The aim of this module is to support adult educators and migrant support workers to develop their facilitation skills so that they are confident and competent to deliver community-based approaches in adult education, and engage migrant learners through participative and inclusive learning activities.

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Module 3 – The changing role of educators within diverse communities of online learners

The aim of this module is to support adult educators and migrant support workers to recognise the changing role of educators within diverse communities of online learners, and compile all required knowledge to embark on the task of delivering inclusive online learning. The activities presented in this module provide front-line educators with access to a range of tools that they can use in their work with migrant learners. Through critical reflection and creative self-directed learning, the learners are expected to identify and appraise personal strengths and weaknesses, which will inform their professional practice towards inclusive online learning.

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